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Comprehensive functional support

  • Data Collection Data Collection Obtain reliable data to provide a reliable basis for planting decisions
  • Remote control Remote control Real-time monitoring and control of park dynamics from anywhere, at any time
  • Data visualization Data visualization Graphical representation of information and data, efficient extraction of data information
  • Intelligent early warning: Intelligent early warning: Early warning of possible crop stress to reduce losses
  • AIoT analysis system AIoT analysis system Yield prediction by combining IoT and artificial intelligence to build efficient planting models
  • Reduce cost and increase efficiency Reduce cost and increase efficiency Precise irrigation, fertilization according to demand, scientific optimization of human resources management, improve acres of efficiency


  • Air environmental data Air environment data, including temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide concentration in the air, etc.
  • Root Environment Data Soil moisture content, nutrient solution EC, pH, soil tension
  • Plant load or plant carrying capacity Cluster count, fruit set, and flowering.

Key controls

  • # Ventilation Cooling in summer, dehumidification in winter, enhancing air circulation, and supplementing carbon dioxide.
  • # Heating Increasing indoor temperature during winter
  • # Humidification Increasing the relative humidity inside the greenhouse to prevent leaf stomata closure.
  • # Shading Using adjustable shade nets during hot summer temperatures to block a portion of sunlight, reducing indoor temperature, particularly leaf temperature.
  • # Supplementing light or providing additional lighting Supplementing light during cloudy days to provide additional illumination during daylight hours, or providing light during the night to enhance the accumulation of photosynthetic products, or manipulating the dark period to regulate the physiological state of plants.
  • # Supplementing CO2 Supplementing indoor CO2 levels to meet the demands of photosynthesis, especially during winter when frequent ventilation is not convenient due to heating. Artificial supplementation of carbon dioxide is needed in such cases.


The DB-TITAN platform has been developed entirely in-house, allowing you to view crop growth and data, control key equipment and customise your irrigation needs from anywhere, at any time, with a modular one-touch start-up.

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